Donate to the Friends of The Weston Public Library

The Friends of the Weston Public Library is a volunteer organization that provides programming, activities, and services for the benefit of our community.

By providing a forum for artists, authors, musicians, filmmakers, and other interesting speakers, we strive to make our small town library a welcoming place where the community can gather, attend a lecture, view a film, discuss books, and meet people in town who share similar interests.

Our programs are open to the public and the majority of them are free; the Friends underwrite all costs whenever possible. We receive no funding from the town of Weston and rely on the generosity of our residents for financial support. Please join us and become a Friend of the Weston Public Library with a tax-deductible* contribution.

$50: A Friend

$100: A Friendlier Friend

$150: A Bit More Friendly Friend

$250: A Lot Friendlier Friend

$500: A BFF (Best Friend Forever)

Donate any amount: